Who am I?


My name is Janice Horoschak, I am lifelong Maryland resident, fine artist, and have a passion for education. I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts from MICA and a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology which propelled me to be a Learning Designer. I am inspired by nature and it seems to make its way into any medium that I am working, specificlly in the color, line, texture, and patterm of my creations.


I somehow find success in juggling multiple passions, but embrace serendipitous moments of happy accidents. You can see me alongside subject matter experts consulting on ways to enhance the student experience, showing my work, or getting my hands dirty striving to make fine art pieces my clients will cherish for years to come. I also care for my two Biak tree monitors Leeloo and Korben.

My art stems from fond memories outdoors with loved ones. I enjoy the freedom to explore various materials, mediums, and surroundings to guide my creative process. The study of the wearable art medium and its meticulous nature has intrigued me from an early age. It always seems to resurface. I find comfort in the active synergy between a person embellishing themselves while also displaying a piece of art for the world to see, as opposed to the stagnant placement on a wall in a house or other dwelling. Decades of investigation with techniques and materials has led me to discover my 3-step wearable mixed media paper art process, the majority of my body of work. I also continue to experiment with other creative reuse pieces using natural objects, x-ray film, and other components.