Tetra Tress Collection


The Tetra Tress Collection quenches the thirst to utilize the art elements within four strand necklaces. There is a certain passion when beads can take on the characteristics of an art medium and have relationships between one another like the art elements such shape, symmetry, color, contrast, and pattern within a composition. Each necklace includes an extender that allows for a choker style, long style, and virtually any length in between to complement any shirt that you wear.

*I hand select my materials for visual appeal when devloping the concept of each necklace.  Often stone will not labled when I purchase the materials.  I am diligent to find the actual type of semiprecious stones by doing independent research based on the of their properties and will identify it as its closest represntation by my eye and study.  Often when trying to determine the actual stone after it has been cut from the formation and sculpted into beads, it is often difficult to be determined in such a refined state.  There are several stones with similar properties of each color, grade, type, and one stone can look similar, sometimes 20 different stones or more when trying to determine which is correct.

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