Aqueous Collection


The Aqueous Collection was conceived due to a convergence of four main elements, which aligned due to creative experimentation and ideation. The four main elements were: 1. Desire to return to designing paper jewelry that I had discarded with I was 15 years old (semi-precious and comparable material jewelry was held in a higher regard at the time); 2. The interest to investigate painting with alcohol India Ink on Yupo paper; 3. Explore resin and how I could manipulate or benefit from it within my artistic expression; 4. Further evaluate the possibilities and potential of a paper cutting tool that I had purchased almost a year prior.


The result of these four elements resulted in the Aqueous Collection. This collection is distinguished by its innovative mixed media design collaboration, never seen before. The Aqueous Collection pieces are lightweight. However, at first glance can be confused with glass or enamel due to their hand-painted organic and dimensional color composition properties. The versatile, one of a kind designs of the Aqueous Collection can be admired by everyone. While each individual can find the unique piece or customize the exclusive combination of art elements that speak to them or strike their fancy.

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